I’m surprised at how the time has passed so fast since I started working.(The last post was done on June 26th? WTF?)

As days passed, I’ve got to be nervous that I should be in a hurry before getting back to my country; I need progress, vocabulary, experience, and things which never happens in my life before and only could be met with in the US.
It might be too short to complete; however, I gotta go heading for any kinds of challenging. It could be even better if I had a person who evaluates me how much I have progressed… I can’t judge it myself, or either can’t figure it out.

Nobody knows which would be the best place to stay, work or whatever. People might say that we don’t find the place which would suit us, but make it up just for us. That might be true, and even more difficult than we guess, indeed.

In these days, something makes me feel lonely and uneasy. I might want to go out to seek for new things, but I might wanna keep staying as now I am. Suddenly I start feeling as if I wanna make a difference in things unchangeable, though I could do totally nothing. I need something comforts me. I need someone staying with me. I haven’t been pretty recently, which gets me down. What if I started working at Starbucks as I used to? Who could accept a difficult person just like me? -no, totally I hate it.

I have mixed feelings; I’m afraid of the change happening in my life, and at the same time, I’m thrilled about it.
I lost a sign which leads me to the right, but I have my feet that walk me to a new place whenever. What scared me?


I felt happy that I could be a part of the US when it celebrated its anniversary, July 4.
Thanks to my friend, I was able to see the perfect fireworks launched upon the sky in Seattle. It was way too awesome than I estimated, and let me put on some pics here.

Thanks, Seattle. Thanks, the U.S., I really love ya.

Today’s article
Go Sustainable, Seattle! President’s Better Building Challenge
Would it truly accelerate practices in the US to protect the environment? – I hope they would try harder to cut CO2 rather than they would build up the sustainable area in the city in order to save energy!(I know, they should link each other!)


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